How to Become a Cosmetic Dentist

cosmetic dentistry resultsOne of the first things we notice about the people we meet is their smile. A person’s smile says a lot about who they are.

  • Do they take care of themselves?
  • Are they confident?
  • Do they display good oral health?

Due to many different factors, some people do not have great smiles. In fact, some people refuse to smile because they are so hung up on how they look.

These people would benefit the most from cosmetic dentistry, as it may be the best option in giving them the smile they only ever dreamed about.

Common Cosmetic Dentistry Procedures:

Veneers – thin material placed over the tooth enamel to improve the look (ex: filling in tooth gaps).

Tooth bleaching – Whitening yellow stained teeth using mild bleach.

Crowns – Improve the strength and appearance of the teeth (when using porcelain crowns.) They are usually used when teeth have been heavily compromised through root canals or extensive fillings.

Tooth contouring – Reshaping the teeth, fixing chipped teeth.

Full reconstruction – Depending on the situation, sometimes implants and other procedures can be used to completely fix and overhaul a person’s mouth.

Let’s Face It – Looks Are Important These Days

In today’s society, having the perfect smile is indicative of a successful life. There is a very high demand for that perfect, straight, white toothed smile. As such, there is a very high demand for skilled cosmetic dentists.

Some students seeking careers in the dental field may find cosmetic dentistry the most fulfilling of areas of expertise. A person who has a keen eye for detail and has perfectionist tendencies may do well in such a field. Having a care for helping people find their confidence and fixing their appearance can greatly give you an edge in the field. It’s not a career for those who don’t care what they do, as long as they get paid.

Education Requirements

In order to chase the dream of becoming a cosmetic dentist, most students will be required to attend a four year university program. Many students decide to take biology or chemistry as they directly relate to what is covered later in a dental admission exam.

Once the exam has been passed, the student will then spend four years in a dental college where he or she will eventually be given clinical work under the direct supervision of licenced professionals. Once the student graduates, he or she must apply for a licencing exam.

Cosmetic dentistry is not currently a part of the specialty area of the Dental School curriculum in the US. Additional training after graduating is usually the best course of action for anyone looking to become a cosmetic dentist or specialist.

Once the training is completed, it would be in the graduate’s best interest to join the American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD) to help secure themselves in a career in the field.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can be Very Rewarding

If you are currently thinking of taking up a career in cosmetic dentistry, it is important that you understand that it is a long course of action that takes years to finally complete. However, in the end, it is one of the most rewarding aspects of dentistry.

You can’t find a lot of jobs out there where you are actively helping people build confidence and find happiness within themselves. A cosmetic dentist can do just that if they are diligent, work hard, and most of all, love what they do.

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