Dental Hygienist Schools

Dental hygienist schools prepare the future dental hygienist to take on a career path with excellent flexibility and security.
Each state has its own requirements for licensure.

Most dental hygienist have an associates degree in dental hygiene. Dental hygienist schools which offer bachelors and masters degrees cater to those candidates who desire a position in teaching, research, or clinical practice.

Getting Prepared for School

Preparation for success in dental hygienist school requires the high school student to take as many upper level science and math classes as possible. The coursework in dental hygienist education includes anatomy, radiography, nutrition, peridonotology, and even physiology.

Some – dental hygienist schools ask candidates to take a year of general education courses to get more well-rounded candidates. This is critical because the dental hygienist works with the public and needs well-honed people skills and the ability to make small talk and talk on a wide range of topics.

Top Dental Hygienist Schools

Some of the top dental hygienist schools include:

  • University of Louisville
  • University of Pittsburg
  • University of Michigan at Ann Arbor
  • University of Southern California

Getting into dental hygienist school requires high grades and a personal interview.

What to Expect in Hygienist School

Many dental hygienist education programs require the student to attend full-time. Some do allow for part-time enrollment, but it will take longer to complete the course of study. Typically, dental hygienist schools are quite expensive and difficult to get into.

Thus, preparing one’s self with top notch science and math background is to the benefit of the dental hygienist hopeful. Taking a year of general education courses at the college where you hope to be admitted into the dental hygienist education program is a good idea as well.

Potential Dental Hygienist PayScale

This is a good career path with good potential earnings. According to the U.S. Department of Labor, the average dental hygienist salary is more than $68,000 a year.

With every day presenting something different, it’s not surprising that so many dental hygienists enjoy the diverse and dynamic nature of their jobs and report high job satisfaction.

How Hard Will School Be?

The coursework is challenging in dental hygienist schools. Expect to invest many hours a week in your studies. Additionally, many dental hygienist schools do not allow smoking or tobacco products on their grounds.

They discourage their students from smoking or using tobacco so as to be good role models to their patients. It’s important to choose a quality dental hygienist school because at the conclusion of your studies, you must take and pass the  National Board Dental Hygiene Examination (NBDHE).

In some countries, dental hygienists are allowed to open their own offices for teeth cleaning independent of a dentist. There have been lawsuits in the states to allow dental hygienists to do the same. As of now, the dental hygienist works under a dentist.

Additional Studies

With the possibility of owning their own business, the face of dental hygienist education programs would change. Classes in business, accounting, and other courses dealing with owning and running a small business would become necessary parts of the preparation for the dental hygienist.

As of now, the dental hygienist training prepares the student to work for a dentist and enjoy the flexibility in scheduling and benefits of salaried work such as health insurance and paid days off.