Dental Hygienist Schools in California

California boasts a many great things, other than its miles of coastline, and Hollywood. It is a beautiful state with many things to do and see. Because it is a “green” state it is also cleaner, being on the ocean helps with this as air circulation is the best in coastal states.

For a dental hygienist, California might be the perfect place to live; the average annual salary is higher than the national and state averages. In addition there are many schools available to update and improve upon ones current degree and knowledge.

Fun Facts About California

California is one of the bigger states in the United States, it is probably most well known for Hollywood. It is an epicenter of activity that is big on being “green”.

Fallbrook, CA is known as the avocado capital of the world, more avocados are grown there than in any other place in the country. It also has a wildlife refuge that is a winter home to more bald eagles than any other in the continental United States.

Salary and Cost of Living

The average annual income in the state is around $53,000, which is almost $7,000 more than the national average. To go along with a higher average annual salary, California also has a higher cost of living, which is roughly 6% higher than the national average.

Dental Hygienist Schools in California

A dental hygienist living and working in the state has the capability of bringing home an average annual salary of about $54,000. This means that a dental hygienist living and working in the state can bring home an above average salary, and afford to save or invest their extra money. Of course salary is dependent upon skills, education, and experience.

Plenty of Dental Schools in California

Schooling in the state is more than abundant. The state is home to over 20 schools for dental trades. This is especially important for those working in the field that just need to further their education or take extra classes to learn new practices.

For students going to college for the first time, moving away from home might not be the best or most popular idea. Going to school for dental hygiene can be arduous so it is important to have a support system.

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