Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida

Schooling to become a dental hygienist in the state is more than abundant. Those wishing to become a dental hygienist should have no issues finding a school within a decent proximity of their home. The same is true for those who are already working in the field that need to take extra classes to improve their knowledge in the field. Relocation shouldn’t be an issue if one decides to move either.

Florida is a beautiful state to live in, with a lively atmosphere in the cities and a quiet quaint lifestyle in the rural areas. Plus there is the added bonus of having an orange or lemon tree in your front yard! Dental hygienist who live in the area are capable of enjoying a nice salary, those wishing to move to the state should have no issues finding that it is a great place to live as well.

First time college students who want to move away from home, would have no problems finding a school in the state, even if they are moving from out of state to obtain their education.

Salaries in Florida

The average cost of living in the state is lower than the national average by approximately 7%. This means it is a little cheaper to live here than in states such as New York or Maryland. The average annual salary of a worker in Florida is approximately $42,000. This is about $5,000 less than the national average.

Dental Hygienist Schools in Florida

A dental hygienist living in the state can expect to bring home an average annual salary of about $43,000. This is higher than the both the national and state average income levels. This means that a dental hygienist in the state can make a decent living and, depending on their standard of living, have money to save or invest.

Living in Florida

Florida is known for its beaches and spring break locations, such as Miami. However, it also has quite an interesting history. It is home to the oldest European settlement in the country, Saint Augustine.

It is also home to possibly the only museum dedicated solely to mollusks (think of a sea shell museum). In addition it is home to the John F. Kennedy space center, where many launches of space shuttles have taken place.

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